Patricia Barrett

Senior Consultant - Executive Coach
Registered Psychologist

Patricia has more than 30 years experience as a psychologist, working both with individuals and with organisations. She has held senior management positions in private and government organisations and, additional to her valued contributions to the Hender Careers team, runs her own successful consulting business. Patricia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of career transition support and counselling, training and coaching, aligning perfectly with the work of Hender Careers.

Patricia is formally accredited with a variety of psychological and non-psychological assessment and profiling tools. She is skillful in providing readily understood and useable interpretation of all assessment results, and highly experienced in designing and facilitating training programs, particularly around communication and work /life balance.

Patricia enjoys one on one and small group interactions whether the focus is on support, development or assessment. Her respect for individual difference combined with her outcome focused approach and desire to enjoy the work she undertakes ensures satisfaction at all levels. Patricia strives to create a healthful work/life balance whilst continuing her own personal and professional development.