Development and Training

Career progression, options and opportunities are directly impacted through one's effectiveness and performance at work. We assist clients and their staff to enhance corporate and individual capability through crafted services.

Our team of qualified educators, trainers, facilitators and coaches has widespread expertise, locally, nationally and internationally. This experience and wisdom ensures relevance, flexibility and diversity. We cater for development from frontline staff and administrative personnel right through to management teams and Boards.

Services include:

  • Workshops and forums (small to large) to enhance team and individual capability and outcomes - such as leadership and management, governance, team performance, managing change, resolving issues, giving or receiving feedback, customer service, professional and personal effectiveness, managing diversity, recruiting, attracting and retaining staff

  • Facilitation and planning workshops - strategic and operational
  • Organisational, team and performance reviews
  • Human resources policy, practices, review and development
  • Presentations, sessional talks
  • Staff engagement reviews and surveys
  • Executive and performance coaching