Program Benefits

We create 'peace of mind' for management, employees, job seekers and life stylers.

Elements of individual programs typically include;

  • A confidential and supportive process that deals with both the emotional needs of the individual and the practical requirements of seeking further employment or career / life opportunities.
  • A sequential and timely approach to support and assistance, carefully aligning individuals with a highly experienced and credentialed career consultant and coach.
  • A completed resume, marketing document/s, commensurate with one's role, experience and future employment options, whatever the structure and location.
  • Guidance around the employment market, transferability of skills, re-training, and alternative career options such as Board work, volunteer work or establishing a business or consultancy, or transition to retirement.

  • A personalised approach through one-to-one consultancy sessions, at a level commensurate with the participant's position and future employment focus. The types of tools used, resources available and the methods of support employed reflect the needs of the participant and the nature of the role.
  • Access, through a personal login and password, to a rich bank of resources that can provide a tool kit for career and life transition. It will assist participants regardless of the career and life choices before them.
  • Development of other profile pieces, required to support the employment / transition process, including LinkedIn and biographies.
  • Individuals will feel confident, have clear goals, direction and pathways about jobs, market trends, networks, life balance or professional development. They will appreciate various options and choices available and have enhanced clarity in priorities and decision-making.
  • Create 'peace of mind' for management, employees, job seekers and life stylers - as this transition support is effective in meeting diverse needs.